ARRIVAL, a novel

An exploration of the ripple effects of domestic abuse on children, ARRIVAL follows the story of a young woman, fleeing her home country and trying to rebuild her life abroad, after suffering domestic violence from an alcoholic father.

Prompted by her therapist, the unnamed protagonist starts processing the abuse experienced in her childhood while also pondering what it means to be a mother when consumed by trauma. The book bends form to accommodate the narrator’s scattered mind and her attempt to assemble a version of herself through fragments and stitches of memories, borrowed conversations and minutiae that linger and haunt.   

Despite grappling with heavy themes — trauma, rejection, cultural identity — the narrative is infused with love and determination, and depicts the ways we are resilient, capable of carving our own paths and reimagining our lives.  It is holding within it a universal truth – of how our childhood experience affects the way we love, live and make sense of ourselves and others. 

Forthcoming in the UK from The Indigo Press, 2022.