• ARRIVAL by Nataliya Deleva

Prise for ARRIVAL

‘I read Arrival in one rapt gulp, urged on by its unnamed narrator’s need to flee her past, escape the confines of womanhood, and the stains of shame and guilt that keep repeating on her, like heartburn. The novel deals in life’s hard knocks, in trauma and deracination, but in langauge that is sensual, languid, feline, snaking with double meaning and sly humour. Like an Sigrid Nunez novel, Arrival seems to be about everything, its canvas expanding and contracting, allowing the story’s particulars to echo far and wide.’

– Marina Benjamin, author of The Middlepause and Insomnia 

‘A powerful tale about love, domestic violence, motherhood, escape, and arrival on many levels, written with sensuality and poetic force.’

– Naja Marie-Aidt, author of Carl’s Book

‘Arrival is a book made up of fragments – fragments of love, motherhood, abuse and marriage – which form an intriguing and moving kaleidoscope narrative. A jagged, beautifully written novel which explores the shattering impact of abuse and how the past shapes the present.’

– Sam Mills, author of The Fragments of My Father


‘Four Minutes is a novel about people on the margins of society. Different storylines interlace in order to tell one story: about the invisibility. This is a book that grabs you by the throat, a poignant novel.’

– Georgi Gospodinov, author of The Physics of Sorrow

‘The narrator in Four Minutes collates excerpts from news articles, listens to her own (internal) voice, to the stories of people she meets on the way, looks into the past, confronts traumas and, pulling the reader out of their comfort zone, asks important questions about our world, about live in exile, about people who are excluded, abandoned, homeless. A beautiful, intricately woven and exciting book.’

  – Wioletta Greg, author of Swallowing Mercury